Artistic Nude Photography Devon

Nude Or Implied Photography

I have been creating artistic nude and implied nude photographs for many years. Some times for fun and too improve my photography skill other times for competitions or my socials.

If you have always wanted to try fine art nude modelling in Torbay, Devon, let me know. There are too types of shoot available, see below for more details. 

Alan Lloyd Photography Torbay, Portfolio

Public Shoot

If you do not mind me displaying the pictures from your shoot on my website, socials and even in competitions, then this is the shoot for you.

It is 100% free.

  • Beach / clifftop location
  • Sunrise shoot
  • 15 high quality finished pictures

Private Shoot

If you would rather your images remain private, so that only you (or people you choose) can see them, select this shoot. This includes a private download.

This shoot costs £99

  • Beach / clifftop location
  • Studio shoot (+ £45)
  • Shoot anytime
  • 15 high quality finished pictures

Artistic nude photography starts with a plan. If you have ideas on the sort of images you want to create, please share them with me and we can plan the right shoot for you.

Practice your poses in front of a mirror for a few days to help build muscle memory for the day.

Outdoor location nude shoots in Torbay can seem frightening, but they are perfectly legal and we have hardly ever been seen by other people. However I always suggest bringing a large robe or towel to grab quickly if needed.

I have been doing this for a long time, to me the naked body is nothing special. I will not gawk or stare during a shoot. I will direct your poses verbally, never touching you at all.

I will try to make you feel comfortable throughout the shoot.

Because of the weather and commercial considerations these shoots (free) are offered on a as and when system, so complete this form to book a shoot.