Confidence Builder Photoshoots In Torbay

Confidence Builder Shoots can either take place on location or in your own home..

£ 299

My Confidence Builder Photoshoots In Torbay

Have you always wanted to try modelling, but you just weren’t sure? Maybe you don’t think you are pretty enough or skinny enough?

Trust me when I say everyone is beautiful, and your size and shape really doesn’t matter. It doesn’t even matter if you have stretch marks or even a ‘post’ baby tum, come and try a free shoot… 

Who For

Anyone at all, over 18!

If you need a confidence boost or would like to try modelling for the first time, this is for you.


Alan Lloyd Photography - Torbay

Why Do A Confidence Builder Photoshoots In Torbay

Some ladies do my Confidence Builder Photoshoots In Torbay for that very reason. They want to feel good about themselves.

Some do it just to cross it off a bucket list, so to speak.

Some women do it to get beautiful, sexy pictures for a wall, album or loved one.




All my Confidence Builder Photoshoots In Torbay can be shot in quiet, outdoor locations. From parks and gardens to headlands and fields.

I mainly at sunrise or sunset as their are fewer people around and we can create stunning images that look amazing.

We can also shoot in your own home, just let me know where you would prefer.




I will never push you to ‘reveal’ more than you want to. In fact we will discuss this before the shoot.

We will start off with some relaxed shots, with you wearing your favorite lingerie, or T-shirt and panties etc. gradually moving to implied nude or even nude, depending on your comfort levels.

All the pictures we take will be tasteful and artistic.




There is a one off cost of £99 and this gets you your shoot, and 10 of the best images from the shoot.

If you want more images from our shoot they are available to purchase at a rate of £25 per five pictures. All images will be supplied in high quality JPG images ready for printing.

You can get this shoot free, if you are a local model or wannabe model and are up for a test shoot. Contact me to find out more.




Everyone is allowed and encouraged to bring a friend. You must register this friend before our shoot, for our security and safety. Just let me know their name etc. when we discus your shoot.




You can book a confidence builder shoot in Torbay, by contacting me today.

Alan Lloyd Photography - Torbay
Alan Lloyd Photography - Torbay