Photography Training In Torbay

Are you still shooting in Auto? Don’t be embarrassed ‘Auto’ is a great tool,
but now you can learn more with my group or ONE TO ONE Photography Training in Torbay.

‘Out Of Auto’ Photography Course In Torbay

Two Hour Course

My two hour beginners course is perfect if you want to start getting out of auto. I will teach you how to predict the correct manual settings in 3 shots..

We will start at Torquay Harbour and spend a couple of hours wandering around the area, taking as many pictures as possible. Practice makes perfect and all that.

This course is a basic level course, for tailored photographic tuition in Torbay, please contact me.



Things You Could Learn

  • Basic Camera Settings
  • Exposure Triangle Basics
  • Light: Ambient, Fill & Flash Basics
  • How To Get The Right Exposure In Three Shots
  • Composition
  • Using Bokeh Or Blowing Out The Background (even with a kit lens)

The way I teach is by using examples. While we explore the area I will explain different aspects and setup shots for you to practice on. 

I am always happy to answer any photography related questions. I am also happy to teach what you want to know. If you have a specific aspect of photography that you want to learn, let me know before you book the course, and I am sure we can work out a great course that benefits you.


Things You Will Need

  • A camera that can shoot in manual..
  • A notepad or note taking app.
  • Your camera manual (not needed if you know your camera really well)
  • A parent or guardian to accompany you, if under 18.

Follow Up Questions

I don’t expect you to remember every little detail from the course. You can email me at any point after the course with any questions, or if you want to clarify a point. i am happy to answer any questions with NO EXTRA CHARGE.



When, Where & How Much

We will meet at the Inner Harbour, Torquay, at a time of your choosing. I recommend about an hour & 1/2 before sunset but am happy to meet at any time.

  • This course is only £60

A non-refundable deposit of £30 is payable to confirm your date. With the balance due on the day of the course. If the weather is really bad on the day, we will reschedule for the next time you are available.

Contact me now to book this course

Other Courses

Group ‘Out Of Auto’ Course

Group courses can be arrange. Please contact me with your numbers and date for a custom quote.


Lightroom (Image Processing)

If you would like to learn how to process your images in Lightroom, then this course is for you. Either in your home, or in a quiet cafe / coffee shop we can meet for a two / three hour lightroom training session.

You will need a laptop / PC with a working copy of Lightroom and some RAW files for us to process. I will take you through my workflow process and teach you how to get the most out of Adobe Lightroom..

This course costs £60 to meet in a Torquay coffee shop or £80 to meet in your home. 

Contact me now to book these courses