Photoshoot FAQ’s

Welcome to my Photoshoot FAQ page.

This is an old page. I am rewriting the FAQ’s right now, but for now, this page is nearly right, except for the prices displayed. 

Topics Covered Below

  • Booking A Photoshoot
  • Free Or Paid Photoshoots
  • Location Shoots Around Torbay
  • Deposits and Payment Plans
  • Weather
  • Chaperones / Companions
  • Digital Images
  • Physical Prints
  • Editing & Digital Manipulation
  • Locations
  • Hair and Makeup
  • Changing & Nudity


Booking A Photoshoot

Once you have decided that you would like to commission me, please contact me now. If you have an exact date, make sure you are specific. If your shoot can be flexible, include several dates. This helps us shoot around the weather.


Free Or Paid Photoshoots

Most photoshoots in Torbay (except Lingerie, Glamour & Implied Nude Photography In Torbay) start at £99 with monthly payment plans available. Contact me now to get a custom quote for your photoshoot.

All shoots are in and around the Torbay area, for a couple of reasons. I know the area well and we have great scenery and locations to choose from.

Lingerie, Glamour, Implied Nude & Artistic Nude Photography can be booked for free. If you are willing to let me use the best pictures on my website and in my portfolio, then there is no cost. If you would prefer the images from your photoshoot to be private, then the standard rates (above) applies. 


Location Shoots Around Torbay

Shooting in lingerie or even nude outdoors is perfectly legal. We use quiet locations that make for amazing photography. I prefer to shoot either at sunrise or sunset. As this makes for beautiful pictures. Also there are less people around. It may be cold, but it is worth it to get amazing images with no spectators.

If you have any questions about shooting outdoors on your photoshoot, please contact me.


Deposits and Payment Plans

All shoots must be booked with a deposit of £99. This is a non-refundable deposit that guarantees your chosen date(s). This can be paid via credit/debit card, bank transfer or even old fashioned cash..

If I cancel your shoot for any reason, you get your deposit back in full.


Payment Plans

You can make weekly or monthly payments, agreed in advance, as long as the balance is paid in full by the day of your photoshoot.



We can shoot in most weathers however sometimes we do have to postpone. In those cases you will get to choose another date and we will do our best to get your shoot done as soon as possible..

I have never had to cancel a shoot totally because of the weather, but we do postpone to a different day sometimes.. If this happens you will get priority and hopefully we will get your photoshoot done within a week of your chosen date.


Chaperones / Companions

For all photoshoots with persons under 18, a parent or responsible adult is required to attend.

Anyone is welcome to bring one person with them to act as a chaperone or companion. I will normally be accompanied by a female photography assistant, especially on “adult” or “boudoir” style photoshoots.


Digital Images

You will usually receive between 10 and 20 fully finished, high quality images per shoot. If we get more good pictures you will get them as well. I won’t hold any great images back, just because we reached the 20 “limit”..

Unless you ask otherwise, your images will be delivered online, in high quality JPG files. To keep my prices as low as possible I do include a small watermark/signature in the top corner of every image.

You will be able to use your images in any way you wish including sharing them online and using them on social media etc as long as my watermark remains.


Physical Prints

I do not supply “print quality” digital image. If you want printed images I use one of the top photographic print houses in the country to print my work. I have personally approved the quality of their printing. Each order is specific to each customer. So no matter what size and finish you want, you will be assured of the best quality.

Print Types Available Includes; Large Photo Prints, Canvas Photo Prints, Metallic Wall Art, Mugs, Mouse Mats, Bags etc.

Just let me know what you would like, or ask for my personal recommendations, if you need some help deciding.

I sell all prints and products at marginally above my cost. I only do this to control the quality of my work. Cheap printers can ruin amazing photography.

Physical prints of my images do not have a watermark on them.


Editing & Digital Manipulation

All my images are professionally developed, by me, in Lightroom. This program gives digital photographers similar control to that from an original darkroom process.

I do not like to use programs like Photoshop & Liquify to alter reality. That said, I will do minor spot and blemish removal and general skin cleanup, if required. If you are unsure, ask 🙂



I shoot in a range of locations. From beaches and parks to clients homes. No matter where you want your shoot to happen, my team and I have the equipment and knowledge to make your photoshoot a success.


Hair and Makeup

If you require a hair or makeup artist before your photoshoot, please let me know beforehand.

This can usually be arranged however a small fee to the makeup artist / stylist may be payable.


Changing & Nudity

All lingerie, implied nude and artistic nude photoshoots are for strictly over 18’s only. ID may be required.

If your chosen photoshoot involves changing outfits, you will be offered the use of a one person changing tent. Just let us know before your photoshoot if you require this.


Implied Nude Photography

This is where you appear nude in the photographs but everything “important” is covered or concealed. We will do our best to keep you covered during the shoot, but to capture this type of imagery means you may be naked in front of my assistant and I. We will remain professional and do everything possible to maintain your modesty.


Nude Photography

If you are doing a nude or implied nude shoot, please bring some lingerie and heels. We rarely start off shooting fully nude, depending on the model, but find that building up to full nude shots works better. Also bring big warm jumpers or coats. Even on a nice day, it gets chilly quickly.



I am normally always accompanied by an assistant. This will usually be a female assistant, on all adult type shoots. Please let me know beforehand if there are any problems with this.


Other Questions

If you have any questions that aren’t covered here, please contact me and I will do my best to help.

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