Start Modelling In Torbay

Are you interested in becoming a model? Well if you live in Torbay you can get your first shoot and the best images from the shoot free as well !!

You don’t even have to be a model or ever want to model again, this can just be something you want to cross off your bucket list..

Become A Model

So to start off any career in modelling you will need a portfolio. To build your portfolio you will need images. As a photographer I am always looking for new images for my portfolio and socials, so lets make a deal.

I will give you a free photoshoot and all the best images from the shoot in a size ready to share on your socials etc.

This will all be free, saving you hundreds of pounds.

The copyright for the images will remain with me, you will get a licence to use the images in your portfolio and on your socials as long as I am credited as the photographer. 

What Sort Of Images Do I Need?

Well that depends on the type of modelling you want to do. While I specialise in on-location lingerie and nude shoots there are several types of shoots I offer free.

And no, you don’t need to do nude pictures ever. You can if that is what you want to do and you think it would benefit your career. But I will never push anyone to model nude. Some people just want to try it once in a safe friendly environment.

The types of shoots I offer free are;

  • Swimwear / Beach Shoots In Torbay
  • Prom / Bridal Style Shoots
  • Location Shoots In Torbay
  • Lingerie Style Shoots
  • Artistic Nude Location Shoots In Torbay

To shoot any lingerie / swimwear or nude, you must be over 18, and bring a copy of your ID with you on the shoot.  Anyone under 18 is welcome to apply for other styles of photoshoots in Torbay, but will need a parent with them during the shoot.

After the shoot I will edit the best images from our photoshoot and you will then be able to download them from a secure page on my website.

Should you ever need the high quality ‘print ready’ copies then there will be a small charge. Please contact me to discuss this, as my rates are pretty reasonable for new models.

So if you would like to book a free shoot with me, to kick start your modelling career in Torbay,

Book A Free Photoshoot Today


Some Important Tips

  1. Do not ever let a photographer convince you to do something you are uncomfortable with. Stick to your convictions and principles.  
  2. Always take a chaperone or friend with you on a shoot. No professional photographer will stop you taking a friend. However it is not a good idea to take a boyfriend or partner, as they can get jealous and take things the wrong way.  
  3. Once you have your first images you can create a modelling account on several websites, that are full of photographers wanting to pay models.. Not all of these ‘photographers’ are professionals, some are just people with money, willing to spend it on their hobbie, taking pictures of naked / nearly naked girls. Always be aware of what you are getting in to.  
  4. Ask for advice, don’t be afraid to approach other models for help and advise. They are in the best position to guide you and tell you who to avoid. 

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