Would You Like A Free Photoshoot In Torbay

Are you looking for a low cost way to get some great pictures? We all know that iphones and other mobiles take good pictures, and they do, until you want to print those pictures, or display them BIG..

Small image sensor sizes on mobile phones just can not produce quality images, I can.. Read on to see if you can get a free photoshoot.

Contact me now to book a shoot..

  • I have a simple rule, I will let you have a free photoshoot, if I can use the images in my portfolio or on my social media, websites and Youtube channel..

So the shoot is free, saving you at least £99 on average.

I will even give you ‘social media’ sized images free. They will have my signature watermark on them, in the corner, and I would appreciate you telling people who took them, whenever you can 🙂

So what do you pay for?

Ahh yes the dreaded catch. Well it’s not so bad. If you want images that you can print, enlarge or images without my watermark, then you will have to pay a small fee.

  • £55 for 5 fully finished images.
  • £75 for 10 fully finished images.
  • £95 for the whole shoot*

You do not have to buy any images at all. It is your choice 🙂

When you purchase images you will be able to download them in super high quality, with no watermarks. You will be free to use the images for any purpose, as long as I am credited in any publications.

Alan Lloyd Photography - Torbay

So what sort of ‘photoshoot’ can I book for free?

As you can see I am based in Torbay and try to run my business as ‘green’ as I can. This means I will only travel to free shoots using public transport. If you want a free photoshoot not in Torbay you will need to pay my travel costs in advance.  Contact me for more details.

Most free shoots are ‘on location’ around central Torquay , the seafront or harbour areas. There may be a small travel charge for shoots not at these locations.

I do reserve the right to refuse or cancel free shoots for any reason. I don’t want to do this (and never have) but paid work must take priority.

If you need your pictures urgently, then please consider a normal photoshoot. You get all the best pictures in high resolution within, a few days.

Contact me now to book a shoot..

Alan Lloyd Photography - Torbay
Alan Lloyd Photography In Torbay